Hey, Ireland! Israel's on the line

Hey, Ireland! Israel's on the line

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‘HEY, IRELAND! ISRAEL’S ON THE LINE is a must read for everyone who values truth and wishes for peace, reconciliation and an end to all conflict between today’s Israelis and Palestinians.’
- Alan Shatter, former Minister for Justice

“Her book is sometimes challenging, sometimes controversial, scholarly, spiritual yet accessible. If Ireland is 'the most hostile country in Europe' towards Israel, then we need to hear what Audrey Griffin has to say. Have we failed “our elder brothers in the faith”? Hopefully not. Israel is on the line - Ireland: take that call!'”
- Mary Kenny, journalist and author

With the threat of a potential holocaust looming, and the hot topic which is Israel right now, find out why Ireland, the Church and indeed the world cannot afford to ignore this very real risk. This book is a wake-up call for Ireland and its inhabitants.
HEY, IRELAND! ISRAEL’S ON THE LINE shines the spotlight on so many hidden activities and situations that the powers-that-be would like us to ignore.

Find out:
• why Irish taxpayers are financing terrorism under the banner of ‘humanitarian aid’
• about the United Nation’s obsession with Israel and why it’s ignoring blatant human rights offences
• the credentials and true allegiances of PA President Abbas
• why the Middle-East peace process is doomed
• about the lethal implications of signing a nuclear deal with the notorious terror-funding Iranian regime
• the roots of Replacement Theology – the erroneous doctrine that drives a thick wedge of division between the Church and Israel, and much more ...

Before we have another holocaust on our hands, Ireland must recognise that ‘Anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism’ and that Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ is an international best-selling e-book today! Read this extraordinary and potentially explosive book. It is time for change before it’s too late.