icb paperback Bible grey shield/sword design

icb paperback Bible grey shield/sword design

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A children’s Bible that is easy to read and carry perfect as a gift for a special occasion.

The reasonably priced Gift & Award Bible makes special-occasion gifts and bulk purchases easy. With a cool shield design for boys, this full-text International Children’s Bible® features maps and a dedication page, making it a perfect presentation for baptism, confirmation, graduations, Vacation Bible School, and other gift-giving occasions.  

Give the gift of God’s Word and commemorate special moments in a child’s life.


  • The full text of the Bible published in the International Children’s Bible translation written at a 3rd grade reading level for children to easily read and understand God’s Word
  • “Where do I find it?” section provides an easy guide to important topics, characters, and stories in the Bible
  • “What God Promises About” section showcases the numerous promises God makes throughout Scripture that your child to trust
  • Memory Verses for Life are a great guide to key verses in the Bible that are great for kids to memorize and cherish for years to come
  • Bible Maps are a visual representation of the locations where key events take place in the Bible
  • 7-point print size